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1) We never use 1 single step do it all product. That just don't work more than a quick satisfaction will fade away quickly.                               

.We COMPOUND and/or POLISH to obtain the perfect foundation to produce a deep and lasting gloss , then glaze and seal with WAX or SEALANT

.On every job we look for a mirror reflection result.don't be satisfied for a quick half baked job for little less money that is not going to 

last, we are Proud of our work give us a try and see why.   

2) All products used on your vessel are proven top of the line, metal polishers , UV retardant dressings for plastics , vinyls , rubber,

 eisenglass polishers and protectors." All of them High end products for a high end result".


3) We keep communication updated for any decision you have to take ( repairs , trips , remainders etc ).

4)                               Boat Show Experience -  Preparation and service during show  -


5)  We work with a network of recommended experienced professionals to be able to solve any kind of problems.                          

( Custom or repair interiors upholstery  , Canvas , Mechanics etc. ).


6) Our Services are Mobile and Schedule by your convenience and needs.we'll do our best to show you how reliable we are.